Yorkshire’s East Coast has a special rugged beauty in winter with all the space you could ever want on the beaches and cliff-top walks.

You, your dog and family can have an exhilarating walk to blow the cob-webs away, breathe in the fresh sea air, and, all sleep well when you arrive back home!

There are no dog restrictions on the Yorkshire East Coast beaches from October to the end of April and some of them have no restrictions all year,so take your pick!

It is a wonderful feeling to be reminded of the vastness of the sea, the expanse of sand and cliffs, when few, if any, people are distracting your view and attention. On almost uninhabited stretches of beach, dogs immediately recognise the freedom to run and play and interact with you. Ah, happiness!

Just some of the most Dog Friendly beaches are:

Flamborough, South Landing, North Landing, North West Beach, And Danes Dyke Beach.

The beaches are pebble and dogs are allowed all year round. However, there are no litter or dog bins provided.
Wisthorpe Beach.

A sand beach and dogs are allowed all year. Once again bins are not provided. It is generally known for its camping and caravan site.

Bridlington, North And South Beaches.

Dogs are allowed from October to the end of April on the North Beach, The South Beach has a designated area for dogs from May to the end of September.

So, winter may be the only chance you will have to explore them both with such freedom.
Fraisthorpe Beach.

Approximately 3.5 miles south of Bridlington on the A165, turn left through the village to Auburn Farm. The farmer has toilets available and asks only for a charitable, honesty box donation. There are no dog restrictions all year and the farmer allows access for a nominal parking fee which is sometimes also via an honesty box. It is not commercialised, although he does often allow an ice-cream van in summer months.The sandy beach can stretch for miles in either direction.

Skipsea Beach.

A sand beach with no dog restrictions throughout the year. Also known for it’s caravan park but bins are not provided.

Hornsea Beach And South Beach.

Both have shingle beaches and dogs are restricted from April to the end of October. There may possibly be some facilities available in winter.

Important To Note: ……. In The Designated Winter Months, Take A Car Picnic With You, And Make Sure You Have Fresh Drinking Water For Your Dog . Wrap Up Warm, Including Some Spare Clothing (And A Few Old Towels Are A Good Idea}.

Also Very Necessary, Plenty Of Poo Bags As Fouling Laws Still Apply!

P.S.! We would love to hear about your experiences if you try any of these beaches for a winter day out this year.. Are you interested in finding more doggy walk suggestions as we progress into 2014? What areas are you interested in? What transport do you use?

Also, if you have some great Yorkshire walks you use and would like to share with other readers please let us know!


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