A Spring exhibition called Branching Out has been delighting visitors to Leeds with a wide collection of ceramics, jewellery, glass and wood inspired by nature; in particular, trees. The Craft Centre and Design Gallery, celebrating it’s 35 year anniversary this year, is enjoying a new exhibition programme for Spring season including this fascinating show. 

One of the jewellers Sue Gregor, who has exhibited with the gallery over many years, revealed how she creates her beautiful nature inspired jewellery which is bold in colour and execution.  Since 2005 Sue has been making acrylic contemporary jewellery with wild flower designs.  Wild plants and weeds that grow in front gardens and wastelands, in hedges and along paths are a rich source of material.

Her latest collection uses conifer leaves where the leaves are collected, dried and pressed: “I collect dry and press the leaves and flowers and then use them to create the designs using a process I developed which I call ‘fossilized’ as the fine detail and even the veins of the leaves show on the embossed surface of the acrylic.  The leaves perish in the process so each piece is unique as all leaves and flowers differ from all others.  They are a memory to each individual leaf. I want to convey the narrative of nature claiming back the manmade so I confront the synthetic with the wild, by using plants to produce beautiful and individual acrylic jewellery.  I am fascinated by process and am always experimenting with process to push the limits to find new outcomes and ways of working.  I think it comes of being the daughter of an engineer and an Architect!”

You can see Sue’s stunning jewellery collection at The Craft Centre until the end of June. To discover more about The Craft Centre and Design Gallery and their seasonal exhibition programme visit their website www.craftcentreleeds.co.uk

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Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm.  Closed Sundays and Mondays.  Please contact the gallery approaching Bank Holidays for revised opening hours.


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