The school summer holiday has begun and this marks an interesting time in the jewellers and pawnbrokers calendar. Parents who until now have been managing perfectly well with their work / life balance suddenly have a house full of children demanding money, holidays and most costly of all – their time!

Kids need new uniforms, holidays need paying for and the household bills keep coming. It’s not surprising that the pawnbroking arm of the business can get really busy and many customers are looking to borrow a few hundred pounds to help with their holiday cash flow. Our FX sales hit their peak and Euros and Dollars flow out in their £1000’s.

The good news is that the gold price is really strong. Customers continue to bring in their unwanted gold and sell their unwanted jewellery to raise some funds. At the time of writing gold is up 13% on this time last year and 452% over 20 years. No wonder it is the commodity that people always turn to when times are uncertain! 

That said, we have been selling a lot of investment gold especially sovereigns. They are really back in demand and when you see how gold increases over the long term, it’s easy to see why. 

Despite the rise in the cost of the shiny metal, our retail prices haven’t changed. Our pre-owned gold and diamond jewellery is still priced at historic prices and there are some real bargains to be had. 

Platinum is the best value metal on the market right now and is currently 25% less expensive than 18ct gold in the market. This is mainly due to the industrial use in the car industry dying back a little to make hay while the sun shines and use the opportunity to reset your jewellery in platinum if that is something you have always wanted to do but couldn’t afford it.

So the message is simple…For those wanting some Summer Shine, now is a good time to buy!

If you have any jewellery, watches or stones that you would like to sell or re-set,now is also a good time to sell! 

You really can’t go wrong so call into your nearest Brown & Gold branch at Seacroft, Batley, Toxteth or Prescot or your nearest Christopher Brown Jewellers at York, Shipley, Pontefract or Liverpool and let us put a shine onto your summer!


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