By Yorkshire Reporter Junior Reporter Selina


Hello readers! I hope you are enjoying the 6 week holidays if you get any time off. The holidays are always a good time to go on days out with your children and I review different places so you can pick the perfect place to take your child. This month I am reviewing Whitby, a seaside for the holidays. Read on to find out more.

Whitby is a mystical, historical and very family friendly place to go, making everybody happy with something to suit all personalities. Why not relax on the beach or take a stroll up to Whitby Abbey? Whitby is known for being the place where Dracula went, and Jet (a type of black crystal). If you like any of the two this is a perfect opportunity for you to discover it more.

Whitby wouldn’t be a seaside without a beach so it’s important it is a good one. It is a fair size with quite a lot of room to play/relax. If your little one wants to he/she can ride a donkey across the beach for a small fee. As well as all the sand to play with there is a rocky area at the back where you can climb on all the different rocks and stones. Then there is the sea for a paddle or swim. There are deckchairs you can hire for a small fee too to use whilst on the beach. I think Whitby beach is very good and certainly one of the better beaches.

The abbey is a place you can visit if you wish. Whitby Abbey is a very scenic and well preserved historical building run by the English Heritage. There is an entry fee but its well worth a look. If you are a member of English heritage though you can access it for free. There is also a room with artefacts and activities to look around. Furthermore you get a good view of Whitby from the abbey. It’s very high up and I had to climb loads of stairs to reach it. I definitely wanted a rest when I got to the top!

For those of you who like to shop there is a lot of places to choose from. Including jewellery made out of Jet and sweets/fudge shops there is a purchase for everyone. Not only are there a lot of different shops but a MASSIVE variety of fish and chip shops. I ate at an award winning one and the food was yummy in my tummy!

Overall I think Whitby is a brilliant seaside, far more than just the usual amusements and I definitely recommend it.


By Selina

Scarborough And The Castle
By Yorkshire Reporter Historian Gareth Whitehead


Scarborough is a popular seaside resort in Yorkshire with lots to do for families. I have visited Scarborough at least once a year all my life. 

I remember from my childhood seeing Peasholm Park in its prime, lit up spectacularly at night, and all the Star Wars figures and vehicles on display as you walked round. The amazing battleship spectacle through the day was one of my favourite things to see and this show is still going strong today. Just over the road from the park up on top of the hill was Mr Marvels which had life sized models of dinosaurs. Of all my childhood memories of Scarborough, I remember most of all my dad taking me up to the castle as a 10yr old. My imagination ran wild with knights in armour and how it would have looked in its heyday.

The castle at Scarborough is in a dominating position that can be seen for miles around in the background of the beaches and amusements, but despite my regular visits to Scarborough I did not return to the castle for 24yrs. When I did I realised that I was still imagining knights and what the castle would have looked like in the 12th century. There is still a lot to be seen including a barbican, parts of the wall, the great tower, a well and the Master Gunners house to name just a few. I find the spot over the Roman signal station the most interesting, of which the foundation can still be seen. Its purpose was to warn settlements or other outposts if invaders were spotted heading towards the coast, by lighting a large fire on the structure, which could be seen for miles down the coast and inland.

This was probably first erected in the 1st century AD and constantly upgraded over the next 3 centuries. Much later on in the year 1000AD the chapel was erected on the same site and dedicated to Our Lady.

Kings through the Middle Ages have stayed in the castle including King John who is most famously known in the stories and legends of Robin Hood. Scarborough castle was appeared in Robin of Sherwood, the 1980’s TV programme which was one of my favourites. The last king to stay at the castle was Richard III, who stayed around the time he was planning for and expecting an invasion by Henry Tudor. There is a medieval building on the seafront at Scarborough named after Richard III which is now a bar and restaurant. The King is rumoured to have stayed there over night with his entourage.

The next time you visit Scarborough have a walk up the cliff and check out the castle which is now in the care of English Heritage. You will not be disappointed!


Magical Fun At Stockeld Park

Phil Taylor Photography Image

We are so lucky in Yorkshire that our County is filled with hidden Gems, one such gem is Stockeld Park. Home and business of the Grant family it can be found between Leeds and Harrogate nestled within ancient Yorkshire woodland, and is where magic is made and adventures begin. 

Stockeld Park is a much loved family grade one listed Estate owned by Peter & Susie Grant. Peter's family have owned the estate since 1875, when his great grandfather Robert John Foster, an industrialist from Queensbury and the owner of the Black Dyke Mills purchased it from Charles Middleton.

Stockeld Park is still privately owned and run, and is the centre of a 2000-acre agricultural estate, which is made up of farming land and Yorkshire's finest and largest Christmas tree plantation, which is how the business started, with The Christmas Adventure.

At Stockeld Park, life never stands still – the family and their close team are constantly striving to ensure that the Estate continues to prosper and bring joy to employees and visitors alike; in 2014 alone expanding the opening periods to incorporate the Easter and Spring adventure seasons. With continuous reinvestment and development Stockeld Park now opens throughout all the School holidays and has been able to create much needed permanent jobs, internships and seasonal employment to over 100 people in the area.

2013 also saw the first wedding for the business, a keen area of expansion; where else can you have a magical, unique wedding amongst fairies, toadstools and the most glorious Yorkshire Countryside?

The Summer Adventure opened on the 19th July and has plenty to do for all the family, with retro Roller Rink, the Enchanted Forest, interactive themed adventure playgrounds, Go Karts, Giant Inflatable Zone, Electric Scooter Trail*, In and Outdoor Jumping pillows, Ice Cream Parlour, Indoor Play and Crafts….there is plenty to do rain or shine to keep the whole family busy, big and small kids alike. The Giant snowflake maze has over 3 miles of paths to get lost in and is newly enhanced, with saloon doors, new sounds and some very special police boxes….

As we all know August starts with a celebration of all things ‘Yorkshire’ with Yorkshire Day on August 1st, Stockeld Park is no exception as they are keen charity supporters and this year ‘Chari-TEA’ begins at home, with a GIANT Tea Party to raise funds for Yorkshire Cancer Research, the event, supported by Yorkshire companies Aunt Bessies, Make a Wish Entertainment and the Magic Hatter allows customers to support Yorkshire businesses whilst raising funds and exposure for a great Yorkshire Charity.

Stockeld Park offers families outdoor fun and indoor play throughout the holidays. The parkland is filled with original interactive playgrounds and sculptures to fuel imagination and adventure, you could find yourself talking to Russell, one of the friendly trees, or sneaking past a forest ogre. Stockeld Park aims to promote fresh air, exercise and creative thinking for all ages.

Finally don’t forget to visit the Magical Gift Emporium, with original Games, exciting gifts, locally sourced goods, products and a host of delicious pocket money treats. The perfect way end your day is by picking up a Stockeld Park souvenir or a treat to remember your visit.

Let your children’s imagination run wild whilst they run free this Summer at Stockeld Park, where Magic is made and Adventures begin…

Yorkshire Day – you must also have an entrance ticket for park. If you purchase your tickets online your entrance is included in the price.

Stockeld Park Wetherby Yorkshire LS22 4AW

Tel  01937 586 101 Email enquiries@stockeldpark.co.uk  

Stockeld Park’s Summer Adventure is open daily from 1000 until Sept 1st. 

Yorkshire Dales


A young family having a picnic at Janet's Foss, Malham, Malhamdale, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Everyone knows and loves the Yorkshire Dales.  Boasting glorious scenery, rich cultural heritage and a breathtakingly peaceful atmosphere, the landscape appears almost timeless.

The National Trust cares for just over 3000 hectares of Malhamdale.  We think it is the perfect place to visit, whether you want open spaces, great trails to walk and routes to cycle.  It’s also a haven for wildlife, home to a variety of species – from otter, deer and bats to wildflowers, fungi, birds and of course, cattle and sheep!

Walking in Malhamdale

The Dales is an internationally renowned beauty spot with some of the best walks the UK has to offer. Whether you're a novice out for a stroll, or an experienced hill-walker, we've got a choice of walks to suit you at Malham.

Go on a short walk to visit the Queen of the Fairies. Janet’s Foss is a magical place – a beautiful waterfall, just a short walk from Malham village. Somewhat uneven and rocky towards the end, this route provides that little bit of excitement to tempt the kids to join you on your walk.

If you’re looking for a bit more long distance, follow a circular walk along the shores of Malham Tarn, through the National Nature Reserve and across the fields or try our Malham Moor ramble – a circular walk on the fellside, passing through a spectacular upland farming landscape.  Up high, walkers can enjoy some stunning views of Malham Moor and Tarn and marvel at the tranquillity of the countryside.

Wander to Malham Cove

Feel on top of the world and marvel at the view from the top of Malham Cove.

Only a short walk from Malham village, the Cove has been a popular and awe-inspiring place to visit for hundreds of years. This route is accessible for pushchairs and wheelchairs, although there is a gradient.

Discover the National Nature Reserve

Malham Tarn National Nature Reserve is a beautiful place to visit, especially during the summer when the flowers and dragonflies are in abundance. There is something for everyone here, and it changes throughout the seasons so one visit is never enough.

Get on your bike

Cycling’s always been popular in and around Malham and since the buzz of the Tour de France, you’ll be in good company if you join fellow cyclists on the roads and fells.

Whether you’re looking for energetic cycle ride to get the blood pumping, or would simply prefer a gentle pedal on the flat, The National Trust has a number of cycle routes to suit your style.

What’s on

Why not join in one of there events this summer? Family camping or mountain bike skills, pond dipping, bat walks and den building, we have something for everyone.

Find out more about visiting Malham and some of the ways you can enjoy this special place, visit www.nationaltrust.org.uk/yorkshire-dales or www.facebook.com/YorkshireDalesNT



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