Hello readers, I’m back again as usual with another children’s review on a place. Thank you for all your interest in my reviews, both old and more recent. As loads of you will know each month I choose a place or toy to review for families and children. I tell you if it’s a recommendation to go to or buy.

Here today I am reviewing a museum which is quite unique.

It’s the Thackray Medical Museum next to St James’ Hospital in Leeds.

This museum is based on medical things in the Victorian times. It shows you how unhygienic they were in those times and also the weird cures they used to try and heal the poorly people of that period.

The reception area is very roomy which is good, with some seating. The staff are very polite and helpful behind the desk and will respond to your enquiry with a smile. They seem enthusiastic about what they are doing and make the place more friendly.

There are two floors to the Thackray Museum. The ground floor is as if you are walking through a real Victorian town. Before you enter this part you can choose a character. There are numerous characters to choose from and I personally chose the baby called Martha O’Bryan. You pick up a card for your character and it tells you a bit of background about them and their symptoms and illness. Throughout the town you see various shops and many dummies including a dummy of your character. Furthermore, throughout this you will smell a variety of smells which suit that part. Each dummy is very detailed and you can tell who’s who.

The first floor of the museum has lots of different medical equipment throughout the times for you to look at, and a room that you only go into if you are brave enough. This room shows a film with actors about a girl who got her leg stuck in a machine who you can also see in the Victorian part first. I won’t tell you what happens as I don’t want to spoil it if you go!

Back on the ground floor is a more interactive part with many things for you to do. My favourite part of this room was where you walk through a massive pair of teeth and see how your insides work. Leading from the interactive room is a cafe and gift shop which are both excellent and sell a wide variety of things.

Overall I think this museum is excellent and I recommend you visit the Thackray Museum. My only thing is that it might be considered scary by some people if they don’t like quite gory dummies!

By Selina aged 10


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