The recent hot weather might mean that home insulation is the last thing on your mind right now, but summer is the perfect time to put solutions into place so that you no longer dread the cold weather and soaring energy bills.  Snugwalls is a family run West Yorkshire business and has over 25 years + experience in the energy efficiency and construction sectors. We pride ourselves on putting the customer first and always deliver a top quality installation with first-class customer care, aiming to carry out the installation in a timely and trouble-free manner.

Snugwalls provide Yorkshire and beyond with approved external wall insulation to warm up your home, reduce heating bills and to create great kerb side appeal at the same time!

This explains how Snugwalls can help you;


Most people are aware of cavity wall insulation, but what if your home is built with solid walls or non-traditional building methods such as pre-fabricated? These types of home can be expensive to heat and keep warm, as they allow heat to escape easily through the walls, proving costly throughout the winter months. The best solution is to use external wall insulation, which essentially ‘wraps’ the outside walls of your home. This way you do not lose internal living space and our fantastic range of available finishes ensures it will complement the style of your property. Finish options include pebbledash and silicone in a variety of colours, brick effect render and brick slips, as well as feature details such as header courses. In addition to the obvious reduction in heat loss, resulting in up to 45% savings on fuel, external wall insulation has other benefits too. It is completely maintenance free and mould and condensation problems can be eliminated. The improved thermal performance of properties treated with external wall insulation, as well as the general improvement in appearance, can increase the value of some properties by up to 36% in some parts of the country. Due to the reduction in energy output by properties treated with external wall insulation; the government offers support towards the costs (subject to availability).


Rendering is a great way to give the exterior of your property a facelift. It is also waterproof unlike brick. If you are choosing to replace existing pebbledash or old, flaking render that requires frequent painting, or considering adding render for the first time, then we have the perfect solution for you. Our colour render is low maintenance and durable, with no need to decorate or repair the colour for the duration of its 30-year guarantee. The waterproof yet breathable material allows air flow to the structure of your property, and with 200 colours to choose from, plus a wide range of finishes, the options are endless! Spray render is such a swift method of application that the cost is probably a lot less than you would think too. The highly qualified and experienced team here at Snugwalls can offer advice in selecting the most suitable product for your property and budget, be it a polymer, silicone or traditional render. We also offer traditional pebbledash and other finishes.

We are proud to say that Snugwalls have built up an excellent reputation for fantastic customer service. We carry out a customer induction appointment at your home before work commences to explain the order of works and answer any questions you may have. Our polite and professional team will keep you up to date throughout the whole process, advising you in advance of scheduled start dates, as well as regular updates during the work. You will receive a handover, aftercare pack on completion with all legal guarantee certificates, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Previous customer Mr Robert says “We live in a Levitt Cartwright Steel Framed Concrete House and needed to improve the thermal efficiency and look of our property. Our experience at Snugwalls was above and beyond our expectations. They made everything so easy. The advice we were given was so impressive – the service, standard features and commitment to quality is second to none. Our home is much, much warmer now, cheaper to heat and looks superb from the roadside. Snugwalls came recommended to us and we are very happy to do the same.”

Snugwalls can confirm all systems and components used meet current building and fire regulations through the BBA (British Board of Agrément) and the BRE (British Research Establishment) which ensures all of our installations achieve the highest of industry standards with regard to fire resistance and the spread of flames. Fire safety cannot be compromised and is one of the essential requirements when designing and refurbishing a building.

If your house is feeling its age, is suffering from damp, mould, flaky paint, cracked render, eroded brick or crumbling mortar, then Snugwalls can help you bring your house into the 21st Century, protect it for years to come, make it look beautiful again, and drastically reduce your energy costs! Why not get in touch with us to discuss your requirements, and to receive a free no obligation quote.

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