Dear Gary 

We have some carved wooden figures that belonged to my wife’s father who died in 1976. Wondering if you know what they are and if they are worth anything?

We don’t know where he got them from. 

Regards, Gerald and Margaret Buckley 

Dear Gerald and Margaret,

These are delightful figures showing Chinese life in a different era. We have seen several sets come up for sale in auctions and surprisingly enough they sell for under £100. Definitely one to keep for the future.

Dear Gary,

This cut glass vase is very heavy being 30cm high, 17cm across the top with glass 12mm thick. It is deeply cut and highly etched with various animal and hunting scenes (I have put a cloth inside so that you can see this as it does not photo particularily well) Are you able to give any indication of value please?

Kind regards, Geoff

Dear Geoff,

It is difficult to tell the age of your cut glass vase from your image. This style of vase with the typical animal and hunting scenes were very popular in Victorian times but are still made today. The most valuable and desirable ones are signed by the maker, so it is important to look for the signature. If no signature is found, it would probably sell between £50 – 100.


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