Hello readers and welcome to my monthly article. As some of you may know, last month was a very special month for me as I turned 13! To celebrate becoming a teenager I really wanted a party with all my friends, and one place I have wanted to visit for ages is Gravity Trampoline Park. When I found out that they did birthday parties I was really excited. Read on to find out more…Gravity is situated in Xscape at Castleford, and is basically loads of trampolines joined together that you can jump around on, do tricks and play games with your friends. They have a dodgeball section and a foam pit that you can dive into, basketball hoops and also a separate area for toddlers.
When you book a party, there are four different menus for you to choose from – Nando’s, Pizza Express, Primo’s and ASK Italian. I chose the ASK Italian as the food options suited my group of friends the best with two of us being vegetarian and others with different tastes etc. About a week before the party everyone had to choose three courses. You get to choose from a couple of starters and desserts, and around 6-7 main courses so there is something for everyone!
Another thing to organise before the big event is really important – the safety waivers. These can be filled in online by parents quickly and easily, but you won’t be able to jump without one!
When we arrived we checked in at the desk with our party host Elysia and were handed a pair of safety socks to wear. Gravity have a locker room where you can safely store your belongings and shoes. Elysia then took us to watch a short safety briefing before leading us to the dodgeball area. She then split us into two teams and we got 15 minutes to play dodgeball.
This was great fun jumping around and trying to hit each other with spongy balls. Then it was time to go on the main trampolines! There are normal trampolines, long ones and even ones that go up the walls so you can bounce off the walls. Between us I think we tried them all, and we played with the basketball hoop, trying to score while jumping up and down. One of the most fun parts though was the foam pit. There are two trampolines next to a pit filled with big bits of foam that you can just launch yourself into. Some of my friends were doing somersaults into it and I definitely recommend you having a go on this bit, we all loved it!
After an hour on the trampolines it was time for the food. There is a nice bar and seating area upstairs with a balcony overlooking the trampolines. Our party area was on the balcony and it was decorated with balloons and a group photograph that Elysia had taken at the beginning.
We all sat down and gratefully poured ourselves a drink from two big jugs on the table – all that bouncing is thirsty work! Elysia brought the food in on a trolley and we sorted out who had ordered what. I chose garlic bread to start, followed by cheese and tomato calzone which was yummy. Some of my friends chose spaghetti which looked really nice too. For pudding, most of us had these delicious little dough balls filled with nutella, and a couple had mixed fruit. Elysia was a great party host, really friendly and helpful. She put the candles on the cake my mum had brought and lit them for everyone to sing happy birthday to me. Mum cut the cake and wrapped it up for everyone to take home along with their party bag.
Everyone agreed what a great party it had been, we all had a brilliant time and I would love to go back again to have another go on the trampolines, I might even get my mum on there too! I would definitely recommend Gravity Trampoline Park for a party or even just to visit with your friends or family. It is really fun and something good to do particularly if the weather is rubbish outside. I think the party is really good value as everything is done for you. The party packages include online e-invitations to all guests with RSVP’s, 1-hour open jump including a 15min private dodgeball game, 50 mins on a decorated party table with balloons and a food package of your choice, a group photo, Gravity safety socks for everyone and use of the lockers.
For more information on the parties or just Gravity in general and what else they have to offer you can visit their website at www.gravity-uk.com
Gravity Trampoline Park at Xscape, Colorado Way, Castleford WF10 4TA
01977 52 99 20


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