Hello readers and welcome. This month I am reviewing something a little different.
As Easter is coming up I have decided to review Easter eggs to see what delicious treats are on offer this year.
Thorntons are renowned for delicious chocolate.
Harry Hopalot £7
This is a novelty character available at Easter. This chocolate bunny with a pink nose is very tasty and cute, a great one for the kids.
Continental egg £15
This egg comes with mini chocolates from Thorntons popular Continental range. This Easter egg was one of my favourites and was very swish.
Chocolate Fudge Brownie Inspired Egg £15
This egg is very pretty, decorated at the front and comes with a selection of chocolates.
Eggsplosion £6
This egg has popping candy and popcorn in it which gives it a very scrumptious flavour. It also comes with 2 eggcelent The Crazy One chocolate bars.

Marks & Spencer The Collection £12 each
These eggs are beautifully hand crafted and the presentation is outstanding.
I recommend any of the eggs from this line. I would say these are more suitable for adults as the flavours and designs are very grown up and stylish.
Percy, penny and piglets £10
Percy pig is a great well known all year round pig from M&S. The Easter version is just as good and great for the kids.
These eggs are quirky and great. Monty Bojangles won a great taste 2015 award. I tried the Berry Bubbly flavour which was extremely tasty and unique for those who prefer different flavours. The egg is milk chocolate and comes with truffles that would be perfect for an egg hunt.
The Truffle Egg Collection also comes in the following flavours – Choccy Scoffy, Flutter Scotch and Scrumple Nutty. I think the bright and colourful packaging on these eggs would appeal to teenagers and young adults.
Available from Waitrose and Morrisons from £6
Elizabeth Shaw are well known for their mint chocolates, and the eggs are fantastic too. The packaging is very pleasing. I tried the dark mint crisp flavour and it was delicious. This particular egg is dark chocolate which I love, and it is full of crunchy honeycomb pieces which give the chocolate a different texture. Also available is a milk chocolate orange crisp egg.
Available from Asda, Waitrose and Ocado £10
Choc on Choc always have great handmade Belgian chocolates with a difference. All their products are decorated fantastically with really unusual designs.
Egg and Soldiers £7.99
These are literally a chocolate fried egg and soldiers. These are an absolutely great alternative to a regular egg and can see it being popular with the kids and adults alike.
12 Solid Quail Eggs £9.99
These mini eggs are full of flavour and great for sharing. They look just like real quail eggs and each one is solid chocolate meaning you get a lot of chocolate from each mouthful!
Available from www.choconchoc.co.uk
HARIBO’s Easter range is great for those who aren’t a big fan of chocolate.
Chick ‘n’ Mix £2
This is a great selection of Easter themed sweets and marshmallows from HARIBO in a cute chick shaped box.
Easter Hunt Bucket £5
This bucket is great for an Easter egg hunt or to share with friends with a huge 32 packs in each bucket. I took mine to school and shared them with my classmates which was much appreciated by all!
Available from major retailers.
PLAYMOBIL do little gift eggs with PLAYMOBIL inside. There are four themes to choose from – Mermaid with Seahorses, Football Training, Zookeeper with Alpaca, and Pirate Hunting for Treasure. These are very nice gifts to young children, and make a great alternative to chocolate and sweets. They were definitely a hit with my little cousins.
They retail at £6.99 from major retailers
Finest* The Coconut Egg £10
This looks just like a real coconut! Inside the outer layer is white chocolate with coconut in, and it also comes with coconut truffles. I think this egg would suit adults best, especially those who love coconut!
Chokablok Popping Candy Heaven Egg £5
Great for teens, this is a white chocolate egg with colourful hundreds and thousands and popping candy. It is also decorated with sweets on the front. Delicious!
Lucas Lamb £3.50
This is a really cute white chocolate lamb which would be perfect for the little ones in your family. It is made from creamy white chocolate, decorated with milk chocolate.


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