If you imagine Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) and her ruby red shoes, then you have a clear picture of this season’s new range of special occasion children’s shoes and handbags from the Sparkle Club. With the focus on quality and comfort, their new range comes in glitter-mad, eye catching colours and materials in sizes 8 to older girl’s size 5. To make their range even more special, the Sparkle Club has designed exclusive little bags to match these exquisite shoes.
Our two little twin girl reviewers loved their choice of shoes that arrived all wrapped up in beautiful tissue with sweeties. Mum of the twins said “they love their sparkly shoes so much they dont want to take them off even for bed. This is the first time we have had shoes from the Sparkle Club and the quality is excellent”.
Based in Blackburn (Lancashire), the Sparkle Club has a fascinating history. In 1920 Walter Newman ran one of Europe’s largest slipper factories in Frankfurt, Germany, producing and exporting up to 120,000 pairs of slippers and sandals a day. But dark times came in 1935 when Walter and his family were forced to flee Germany to avoid Nazi persecution. He up rooted his family and made the arduous journey to Blackburn. His agent in England urged Walter to start afresh here in the UK and in 1936 Walter started manufacturing shoes from a disused cotton mill in the heart of Blackburn, naming his new enterprise, Newman’s Footwear. Walter (and his successive heirs) replicated the success once enjoyed in Germany and made Newman’s a highly successful family business – manufacturing children’s party shoes for major high street chains. However, after the demise of Woolworths and other major department stores, the business declined dramatically. The grandsons of Walter realised that the business faced very challenging times but having an in depth knowledge of the children’s shoes market place, the family met with Managing Director, Jane Proctor, to create their vision for the future. With the family’s full financial support to spearhead change, Jane launched the Sparkle Club in 2014.
“The Sparkle Club is a small business. We design and develop our own exclusive range of party and dressing up shoes for children” Jane goes on to say…“our USP is that we complement our glitter-mad low heeled and ballerina flats with beautiful little handbags” With comfort being right at the top of the design list, each pair of shoes has comfy Sparkle Club branded insoles. “Our mission is to offer a range of high quality party shoes (priced £16.99) whilst maintaining a strong focus on customer service ”.
“We have such fun designing our shoes. Who couldn’t resist working with really glittery, sparkly materials and then adding beautiful sequinned bows in eye catching colours – we’re in heaven!” says Jane.
All shoes and little handbags come in a glorious array of glittery blues, reds and pinks from sizes 8 to an older sized 5. There are 2 types of shoes – ballerina slippers for the very little people and low heeled glamour for the slightly more mature party princess.
“We love the fact that our customers keep coming back to us.” says Jane, and with a growing database of 12,500 and a turnover of in excess of £300,000, this business is going from strength to strength.
The new Christmas range is available only online at;
Enter code YR001 to receive an online discount of 10%, valid until 31 January2017 at www.thesparkleclub.co.uk.


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