The Bikes College is a social enterprise based in LS12 who recently celebrated their third year of bringing unwanted bikes back into use for people who could really benefit from them. At a time when we are urged to recycle and reuse, The Bikes College is doing just that! They collect unwanted bicycles that may otherwise end up in landfill, repair them and then either give them away to charitable organisations or sell them for a nominal amount to raise funds to continue – they do not rely on any external funding.

Run by David, Amelia & Ryan this project enables everybody to have the opportunity to own a bike, regardless of their financial circumstances. They also place huge importance on cycling being safe and offer repairs, services and spares at highly reduced costs. In fact, The Bikes College is just like any other second hand bike/repair shop to the customer – they repair, refurbish, service and sell a huge range of spares like you would expect – just at a fraction of the normal prices. This is because, as a social enterprise they do not make a profit, only seek to keep going and help as many people as possible.

The refurbished bikes that The Bikes College keep are used to teach people of all ages how to look after their bikes, ensuring they are roadworthy and safe. They work closely with lots of organisations including Leeds City Council, the Police, Leeds Probation Services, schools and community centres and many more.

If you have an unwanted bicycle, then please consider donating it to The Bikes College. For more information visit;



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