Hello Gary,
I have a ‘Saxon’ Chair – probably Arts & Crafts, and a Bergere Chair stamped on the back of the base with the initials J J J. – see photos attached. I wonder if you can tell me anything about them.
Regards Colin Parlor, Leeds
Dear Colin,
Thank you for your email and photos of your chair. Your ‘Saxon’ chair is a country oak turned chair possibly dating from Victorian times. Turned chairs – sometimes called thrown chairs or spindle chairs – were fashionable in the late 16th and early 17th centuries, and were so called because the individual wooden spindles were turned on a lathe. The Victorians loved to copy the early pieces and often used antique wood to fake the age of the chair. I would need to see the chair to determine its age. If it is Victorian it would be worth about £100 – 150, and if it is older it could be worth a lot more.
The Bergere chair is not so popular these days and would probably sell for £40 – 60.


Dear Gary
We came across this paper serviette when clearing our late father’s effects. Could you give us some idea of its origin and collectability? It measures 40cms square and is in good condition.
Kind regards and thank you for the service you give.
David and Pam
Dear David and Pam,
Thank you for the email and your kind words!
Your serviette is a printed tissue commemorative handkerchief depicting portraits of Napoleon and Nelson and HMS Victory. It is a souvenir of the Nelson Centenary 1805 – 1905. There is one coming up for auction soon with an estimate of £80 – 120.
It might be an idea to keep it for the next big anniversary in 2025 when interest is high again.


Hi Gary
Could you please give any information on a statue, it stands around 18 inch high. What is the name of it and its value? Thanks in advance.
Thank you for your email.
Your statue is a piece of Capodimonte porcelain made in Italy. The original Capodimonte factory was established in Naples in 1743 and copied the works of Meissen. It is famous for its moulded figurines and decorative flowers applied to cups and vases. Today the Majello factory continues to produce porcelain. The English market became flooded with these items in the 1960’s – 80’s when they were very popular, but unfortunately today they are out of fashion. Although early pieces can fetch large prices, statues like yours sell today for under £30. I would put it away and keep it for better days.


Hi Gary
I have this tea set that I would like some more info on.
Dear Charles,
Thank you for your email. Your tea set is made of Plated Silver and will be stamped EPNS or Britannia Metal. Unfortunately there is very little silver content in these items and it would sell for under £40.


Dear Gary
Please could you advise as to the value of this cabinet gifted to me about 25 years ago. I’ve been told it’s possibly late Victorian/ early Georgian.
Thank you, Susan
Dear Susan,
Thank you for your email. Your cabinet is an Edwardian mahogany foliate carved music cabinet from the early 20th century. Unfortunately there is a big decline in people playing pianos today and most young people use a keyboard and music from the internet. This reflects on the price of music cabinets and it would probably sell for £50 – 60.


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