A host of fine and rare objects from the Leeds Museums and Galleries extensive collection are being displayed in a new exhibition at St James’ Hospital.

Since 2011, Leeds Museums and Galleries have been working in partnership with St. James’ Hospital curating exhibitions for their Atrium, a grand hall in St. James’ Bexley Wing welcoming patients, relatives and members of staff to Leeds Cancer Centre.

Each spring sees a new display in the hospital’s Atrium, with a variety of objects on show, from anthropology collections to fine and decorative works of art, and from social history objects to natural science specimens. This partnership enables Leeds Museums and Galleries to reach new audiences and allows the museum artefacts to be seen outside of their traditional contexts. It is hoped that by displaying museum objects in the hospital it will help create an environment that improves the wellbeing and health of St James’ Bexley Wing’s users, their families and staff.

This year’s display brings together a mix of objects from all over the world, including games from Africa, Greek wine jugs, and Giant Snails from South Africa. Called ‘Small Pleasures’ this display was put together by the Heritage Lottery Funded Curatorial Trainee Heather Mikhail and explores the small pleasures of life, whether you like video games, bird watching or just a nice cup of tea. This successful partnership has positively contributed to the development of Leeds Museums and Galleries’ community engagement programme and commitment to displaying the city’s collection in public spaces.

Councillor Lucinda Yeadon, Leeds City Council’s executive member for leisure and skills said:

“It has been really fantastic for Leeds Museums and Galleries to work with St James’ Hospital curating exhibitions for their atrium, and this year’s display is currently showcasing a range of fine and rare objects from around the world.

“The feedback we have received from visitors, patients and staff to the exhibitions has been extremely positive, and we hope this year’s display proves to be just as enjoyable.”


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