Hello Gary,

Could you please let me know anything about these vases?



Hi Tony,

Your set of vases is by Harley Jones made around the turn of the 20th century. The company made many different types of vases and these were made in the oriental style which was very popular then. In today’s market the set in perfect condition may sell around £150-200.

Hi Gary,

My mum and dad purchased this cute Disney Dumbo picture in a charity shop and they wonder if it was worth anything? It’s an original story sketch from Disney Dumbo 1941 original and is numbered 4889, called bath time.

Kind regards

Miss Sarah Moorin

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately the sketch is a limited edition print, probably of a run of 5000. The original drawing is very valuable, but there are many prints on the market.  However it is a lovely picture and the new film is about to come out. If you are not going to keep it, I would put it on a website and test the market. You may have timed it just right!


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