Dear Gary,

I have this box. Is it worth anything and what can you tell me about it?



Dear Gail

This is a Moorcroft trinket box painted with freesia flowers.

Moorcroft pottery is one of the last remaining independent art potteries in the world today and still operates out of the original brick factory in Stoke-on-Trent. Its pottery has been popular since 1897 when the young designer William Moorcroft joined the Staffordshire pottery manufacturer James Macintyre & Co. Ltd. He adopted the practice of signing his name or his initials on nearly all the pottery he designed.

The Moorcroft market has been saturated by so many modern pieces that have been made on a regular basis.  This is reflected in the recent downturn of prices. Consequently this box is now worth half as much as it was 10 years ago and would sell for £60-90.

Hi Gary,

I have this red vase, any ideas about it?


Hi Ian,

This vase is a Royal Doulton Flambe vase in the most wonderful colours.

Royal Doulton’s designer Charles Noke is credited with some of their most famous creations such as Flambe Ware, Kings Ware, Series Ware and Character jugs.

Doulton’s Flambe Ware is very striking with its fiery red colour and there were a variety of different pieces produced with this finish. Doulton’s first flambe finished products were exhibited at the St. Louis Exhibition in 1904. Noke’s achievements were some of the greatest contributions to studio pottery made by a large British manufacturer last century.

VALUE £60-100

Dear Gary

I have an old Beano comic that I have saved for a long time. It is dated January 3rd, 1942. It has a few odd marks on it. Could it be collectable yet?

Thank you,


Dear Dave,

Your Beano comic is very collectable. This one was published as a New Year war propaganda issue with a V for victory and B for Beano. The odd marks are stains known as foxing. Comics are valued using the Basic Grading Scale which uses the grades from Near Mint (highest) to Poor (lowest).   

● NM Near Mint

● VF Very Fine

● FN Fine

● VG Very Good

● GD Good

● FR Fair

Although I would have to guess at the condition of your comic, I would expect it to sell between £250 – 300 in one of our specialist comic auctions.

Dear Gary,

I have a clock that belonged to my mother who cherished it, but unfortunately it does not fit in my house. What kind of price would it be worth if I sold it?

Thank you,


Dear Valerie,

This clock is in the style of a Louis XV-style tortoiseshell and gilt bronze-mounted mantel clock, with a brass dial and enamelled Roman numerals, and a cherub on top.

This is a lovely looking clock that at one time would have sold for £500-600, but today the popularity of this type of clock has sadly dropped. This is reflected in its current value which would be £200-300.

Hi Gary,

Can you give me a rough valuation on this dresser.



Dear John,

This dresser is a reproduction of an antique one. It would originally have been sold with an option to buy a matching table, chairs and corner cupboard to complete the suite.

Unfortunately this style of furniture is not in fashion, and today you would struggle to sell it for £50. That may change in the future so hang on to it for better days.


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