The gold price still remains strong. We are getting used to it now and it looks as if it’s the new norm for the yellow metal. Whether the news is focussed on world unrest, BREXIT or BITCOIN, the go-to place for many investors still seems to be GOLD.

This is good news for you and me! Any old or unwanted gold still gains a really strong price and since January we have been buying a lot greater volume than usual. I hope our reputation to pay a fair price has made a lot of difference and people know where to go when they want some easy cash. We have particularly noticed this in our new branches at YORK and PONTEFRACT and we are meeting many new customers who are delighted that we are able to offer such a good price for their unwanted gold and diamonds.

The high gold price also makes second hand gold even better value and demand for YELLOW GOLD jewellery is increasing for the first time in years. It’s difficult to find a retailer that sells high quality pre-owned jewellery and when the price is on average 40% lower than the new equivalent it’s no wonder that we have so many happy customers.

A high gold price is a good thing for our market overall. Customers with pledges are happy that their asset is safe and has increased in value since we lent on it. People move towards buying pre-owned gold chains and jewellery as it represents better value and it makes it attractive to sell the old scrap jewellery hidden in those drawers while the price is worthwhile.

Interestingly we still get a lot of customers who take this opportunity to buy gold coins and chains as many get reminded that investment into the precious metal is a way of storing their cash in something that they can enjoy which will always have a tradable value.

One area that we continue to see investment is ROLEX watches. Although we sell a lot of ROLEX some forget that we also LEND against them and BUY preowned ROLEX in any condition. They are a great store of value and there cannot be many assets you can enjoy wearing for several years and sell for more than you paid for it whenever you need the cash!

The main area to be careful of when buying or selling a ROLEX is making sure you do so through a reputable jeweller such as Brown & Gold in SEACROFT or BATLEY or Christopher Brown Jewellers at YORK, SHIPLEY or PONTEFRACT. We sell our watches to match the actual market price online PLUS you are buying a fully serviced and refurbished watch with a 2 year warranty, guarantee of provenance and expert advice that you are unlikely to receive on-line.

Remember, if you are thinking of buying a watch privately or on-line and the deal seems too good to be true, then it probably is!

We received some really heart-warming notes of thanks this month from our customers and they have kindly given us permission to print them so thank you to all our valued customers, your appreciation is welcomed and it makes us all feel like we are doing our jobs properly and providing a really useful service. Thankyou!

Mr R (Batley)

Absolutely Excellent Manager.

Thanks Stacey (and Batley Store) for great customer service both in purchasing and pawnbroking.

Professional standard in everything.

Definitely recommend here if your looking for that unique silver/gold or platinum gift for bargain prices. Definitely recommend too rather than payday loans and debt with interest upon interest…..Not only is this shop very reasonable but loyal customers do earn respect & advice…

Nick (Prescot)

Hi. Thanks for allowing me to loan on my Rolex over the last two years. It has allowed me to grow my business when cash flow has at times been tricky. Best. Nick. 

We now have 8 branches in the North of England with 5 in Yorkshire including Brown and Gold at Seacroft & Batley and Christopher Brown Jewellers in Shipley, York & Pontefract. Visit our website for further details

Or call us on 0113 2656029 / email for further details.

Chris Brown


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