Dear Gary

I wonder if you could tell me the value of my furniture.

It is an extending dining table with 8 chairs It is made by J.L.Moller

Thank you

Your dining table and chairs are Danish and very popular at the moment.

I wish you had the sideboard as this would double its value.

I would put an estimate of £800-1000 but as they are so popular it may sell for much more in the auction.

Dear Gary,

I have an interesting round clock sitting on an eagle that is made by Omega. I wondered what it might be worth.

Thank you,


Dear Lucy,

Your clock is a reproduction desk ball clock. We come across these quite often in the auction room, as lots of these were produced. The average price for them is between £50 – 80.

Hi Gary

Please see attached photo we have inherited this pair of ornaments from our parents We would like to know their value.

Thank you

Tracy Crossley

Dear Tracy,

Thank you for your email. These figures are made of bisque (biscuit pottery) and were particularly popular in Victorian and Edwardian times. In the late 1960’s & 70’s, a revival by American buyers drove the prices up and at one time you might have got as much as £200 for this pair of figures. Today, sadly, they are no longer popular and you would struggle to get £30 – 50 at auction for them. However if the value of the pounds drops enough, we may once again see an increase in our exports and the rise in the value of your items.

Hi Gary,

I was wondering if you have any idea what this would have been? We thought it is a planter, don’t know if it is worth anything.

Have you any idea?

Regards Debbie

Dear Debbie,

Thank you for your email. From your image we cannot tell if your item is made of pottery or metal. It appears to have markings which may indicate an oriental design. This makes the mystery even more exciting. It may be worth a few pounds or a small fortune! I would love to see this item so please bring it into our saleroom or contact us at our office so we can maybe solve the mystery.

Dear Gary,

We have a coin set that has been through our family for many years. I have enclosed a photo of the 13 coins in the set. Do you have any idea what it is worth today?

Thank you,


Dear Susan,

Have we got good news for you! Collectable coin sets are very desirable and there is still a lot of interest in them. This is a set from 1902 and contains a gold £5 coin, a gold £2 coin, a gold sovereign and half sovereign, and 9 silver coins. Condition is very important to collectors, and this appears to be in good condition. In excellent condition, we would expect this coin set to sell between £4500 – 5000 at auction.


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