Last month I told everyone about Kynren – An Epic Tale of England which is a live action night show set in the grounds of Aukland Castle. Shortly after writing the article, I was lucky enough to go watch the show for myself and I can honestly say it is the best show I have ever seen in my life!
As someone who loves history and the drama often associated with it I found it captivating, atmospheric and simply amazing. The show encapsulates 2000 years of English history and the site has been purpose built for it. On arrival, the volunteer staff were incredibly warm and welcoming which instantly made us feel at home. There were plenty of food and drink facilities with a wide variety of choice so you could spend a while eating, drinking and wandering around before taking your seat in the stand. When we took to our seats we were greeted with a massive lake ‘centre stage’ with a large building to the back of it. To the right was a lodge. The seats quickly filled up as the sun was setting and we were all filled with anticipation.
The show opened with a child playing football in front of the lake. He kicks it into the garden of the hunting lodge which belongs to the Bishop. The Bishop then takes the boy on a journey through history using the ‘gatehouse of time’. From the outset, there are surprises aplenty with things rising out of the water, boats, trains, cars, real animals, lots of battles, fireworks, water fountains, holograms and amazing lighting effects. This is all state of the art, changing scenery using lighting alone and in the dark summer evening it looked incredible. All of this is accompanied by an amazing soundtrack which further adds to the atmosphere.
The organisers have spent around £28m on the grounds and production so as you can expect it’s a class above any other show you have ever seen in England since the opening of the 2012 Olympics to which you can draw comparisons.
Kynren captures the passion and spirit of English heritage and culture. It fills you with an overwhelming feeling of national pride, reminds us of where we have come from and the long journey full of both joy and sadness. Most importantly of all – this is the story of us!
I cannot recommend Kynren highly enough, the whole family thoroughly enjoyed it and we all left having had the best evening entertainment in a long time. It really is like watching a movie play out right in front of you. It is definitely worth the drive up the A1 to Bishop Aukland. Tickets are in high demand so booking in advance is essential. The last date is Saturday 17th September.
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