A now annual event which I really look forward to every summer is Kynren. As regular readers may remember from my past articles, it is the incredible open air theatrical journey through Britain’s history.

I highly recommend Kynren for young, old and everyone in between! It really makes any play, circus, or battle re-enactment pale into insignificance. It is well worth the journey to County Durham, and you can also take advantage of your visit to check out some other historical places nearby.

Blending together historical events of national importance with those that played a big role in the local area, such as coal mining, Kynren takes you not only on a journey through time, but a rollercoaster of emotions too. There are joyous fetes to enjoy, mythical moments shrouded in mystery and of course the pivotal battles that shaped England. As the show draws to a close, you listen to one of Churchill’s moving speeches which still to this day fills you with determination and pride.

This year Kynren will mark two very special centenaries, the end of the First World War – a moment laced with poppies and poignancy – and the Suffragette Movement. This world-class show will truly be a summer to remember.

17 performances take place at Bishop Aukland from
30th June to 15th September.

For tickets visit www.kynren.com/tickets or tel 0333 300 3028


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