Dear Gary,

I have found an old Scalextric James Bond set. The set includes a white car  which I think is an Aston Martin, a  black Mercedes car, the manual power unit and 3 figures. It has been played with but I think it is all there. Is it worth selling?


These Scalextric James Bond sets are quite rare and very collectable. Condition is very important in determining the price, but in good condition I would estimate this set to sell at £700 – 900.

Wish I had kept mine!!!

Hello Gary,

My husband has the following:-

1972 Leeds United V Southampton programme at Elland Road Leeds won 7-0 Eddy Grey, Norman Grey and Norman Hunter have signed the programme.

1992 CD Queen Made in Heaven Brian May has signed it and dedicated it to my husband.

Could you please let me know what they could be worth? 

Thank you

Karen Cantor

Dear Karen,

Thank you for your enquiry.

What a great football memory for your husband to have with that programme. I would put an estimate of £100 on it at auction, but a game like that would interest many Leeds United fans and it could sell for more.

As for your Queen CD, Brian May is still signing autographs so there are many on the market. I have seen one offered on the internet for £40. However the dedication to your husband would make the CD priceless to him!

Dear Gary,

I have a very old felt Mickey Mouse that I bought from a dealer many years ago and wondered what value you would put on it today? He has red shorts, yellow shoes and a pink bow around his neck. He has a very wide grin.

Thank you,


Dear Sue

I have found an image of a Mickey Mouse that matches your description, and this one sold at auction recently for £85. I don’t know what you paid for yours but hope that’s good news for you.

Dear Gary,

Please could you value this sideboard for me?


Thank you for sending your image of your dresser.

This looks to be an example of the Arts and Crafts Movement which was an international movement in the decorative and fine arts that emerged around 1880 in England and moved into Europe and North America. It was popular up until the 1920’s.

Although you have told me very little information, I would expect to find it stamped Liberty Co. England. See if you can find a stamp on the back of the doors, drawers or back.

At the height of the market around 20 years ago you would have sold this for around £2000, but fashions have changed and today it would probably sell between £400 – 600.

Hi Gary

I have a 7ins plate, with fruit as a pattern. I would like to know about the mark on its base please.

Dear Ray,

Thank you for your email.

The mark on the base of your plate is by a company called Rosenthal. They were a quality porcelain manufacturer founded in Germany in 1879.  The green marks show your plate was made between 1891-1906.

In 2009 the company was sold to the Italian group Sambonet Paderno Industrie.

I hope that answers your question.


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