Summer is upon us and people are preparing for their summer breaks. Foreign Exchange purchases are really busy and we are delighted to see so many happy customers using us for the first time.

Along with the Euros and holiday funds these customers are buying holiday jewellery and taking advantage of our new silver and coloured stone range set with turquoise, tanzanite, moonstone and opal. These pieces are so bright and colourful – perfect to wear with summer clothing and really good value too.


Others are taking the opportunity of swapping their unwanted old gold and unwanted jewellery to get some extra spending money while the price is so strong. What a great way of paying for your holiday spending money and clearing out your unwanted items at the same time.


For those who are fans of ‘Posh Pawn’, we have our own set of clients who use our services in exactly the same way. Some borrow money for property renovations, others to run their business and some just as a treat to go on holiday. Unlike Prestige Pawnbrokers, we tend not to get a series of fast cars, speed boats and helicopters offered but we have been asked to lend on designer luxury handbags, works of art and of course plenty of Rolex watches.

Some use our service just to keep their goods safe while they are away and others appreciate the speed and confidentiality of the service where you can borrow up to thousands of pounds in a matter of minutes.  Your goods will be safely locked in our vaults and you have the peace of mind that it will be safe and sound while you enjoy your holiday.

Father’s day is on 18th June and it’s time to treat your Dad to something special to say ‘thank you’. Perfect gifts this year include signet rings, men’s chain and bracelet or why not a new watch?

Rolex watches are very popular at present and with the inflationary price rises enforced by Rolex, their pre-owned value just goes up and up each year. Those trading their watch in after a few years of ownership are getting more back than they paid for it even after wearing it every day. There are not many things in life that you can invest in, enjoy using and still get back more than you paid in years to come!

So whether you chose to spend your money on a holiday, your business or yourself, call in to Seacroft, Batley or Shipley and let us help.

Brown & Gold have 6 branches with 3 in our region – Brown and Gold at Seacroft and Batley and Christopher Brown Jewellers at Shipley

Chris Brow


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