Hi Gary
Over 50 years ago I bought this ‘girl on swing’ at a house contents auction. As you will see from the last photograph I wrote to Homes & Gardens asking for any information they could give me.
Could you give me an indication of the value. Unfortunately when I bought her the legs were broken and badly mended, I managed to make a better repair but you can still see where it has been repaired.
Many thanks
Anne Mitchell
Dear Anne,
Thank you for your email. Your ‘girl on swing’ figure is a lovely appealing piece. You have not mentioned any makers marks underneath so we presume it doesn’t have any. The figure looks typical of those produced in the late Victorian/early Edwardian times in Germany for the English market. Unfortunately the damage to her legs makes it difficult to get a good price in today’s market and we would expect it to sell for under £50 in that condition.
Hi Gary
Grateful if you will appraise ladies watch marked on face and movement No 20259 on both inner cases plus No 3 94 50 on case covering movement. Key wind cylinder escapement working order. Face and back machined turned.
Thank you
We cannot tell from your photograph if your watch is made of silver or gold and what condition it is in. The price varies greatly depending on working condition and may only fetch scrap value if it does not work. Generally a good working ladies silver watch by this maker should sell between £50 – 80 and a gold one up to 2 – 3 times that value.
Dear Gary,
I attach photos of a painting that came into my wifes possession. The photos show the painting, the artists signature and the label of the shop where it was presumably purchased. I tried to locate the shop but doesn’t appear to be at the address on the label. The print looks to be 10″ x 8″, with the frame measuring 13.5″ x 11.5″. Could you tell me if it is of any value and if it would be worth putting into auction.
Hello and thank you for your email.
Gadsby’s Art Shop was a very well-known shop opposite the Grand Theatre in Leeds that sold artists materials such as paints, canvases, easels etc. I remember going there to buy all the equipment for a school art project many years ago. It was a short-lived career as I soon realised I would never make an artist! The shop also sold modern paintings by local artists and others. The subject of your painting was popular in the 1970’s – 80’s, but unfortunately not in fashion today. I cannot find any records of sale by this artist which tells me it would be difficult to sell and one to put away for a better day.
Dear Gary
I have a Shower and reaper 20″ high including solid plinth. Seneuse and Glaneude. Mlle au salon.
Thank you Frances McNeil
Dear Frances,
Thank you for your email.
This pair of figures was popular in the Victorian and Edwardian times and is a well-known subject. They could be made of bronze or of the cheaper metal spelter. It is difficult to tell the difference from a photograph. Bronze figures are heavier but spelter figures were often filled to make them feel like bronze. You can look for scratches on the figures – bronze shows a golden colour inside whereas spelter shows white or silver colour. There is a big difference in price though – a pair of spelter figures would probably sell between £70 – 100, but a bronze pair would fetch several hundred pounds. Let’s hope they are bronze!
Hi Gary
I have a Mother and father plus child, statue for want of a better word, A nice looking piece but value wise is it worth a separate insurance, no markings that I can find, and once upon a time it had a dome.
Two vases similar except for the height, The marking is on the bottom, Chinese or Japanese unknown by us, if either?
Your advice would be appreciated.
Dear Eddie,
Thank you for your email.
Your family figure looks to be made of bisque, which is also known as biscuit pottery and was made in France and Germany in the late 1800’s. It looks to be of a good size but once again not in fashion now with the younger generation. In today’s market it would probably sell for under £100.
Your oriental vases would need further research and proper examination to judge their age and value.

You may be sat on a treasure trove! It is often the items that you think are worthless that can turn out to be the most valuable. Not sure?
Then send an email to antiques@yorkshirereporter.co.uk.
I will answer everyone.
Look forward to valuing for you


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