Hello Gary,

Could you please value this sideboard I have?

Many thanks, Machelle

Hi Machelle,

This style of mirrorback sideboard was popular from Victorian times right up to the 1940’s. 

Some of the early ones were quite magnificent with massive mirrors and superb carved figures. They were made in oak, walnut, mahogany and pine. It is difficult to tell from your photo what your sideboard is made from, but it could be stained pine. Try removing a drawer and looking at the back. Pine is a soft wood and your fingernail will indent it.

Any good quality furniture polish will be fine along with some tender loving care and hopefully it will last for another 200 years. Sadly this type of furniture has lost popularity at the moment and would sell for under £200. 

Dear Gary,

I read your articles in the Yorkshire Reporter and wonder if you can help. I am a bit old-fashioned and can’t email or send a photo so I have posted this to you.

I inherited a see-through blue mantle or bedside clock with what appears to be budgies on either side. It has writing underneath but I can only work out a letter and then ‘lal’.

Any ideas?


Dear Mary,

Thank you for your letter. You may have a French clock made from opalescent glass. Opalescent glass is a general term for clear or coloured glass with a milky white opaque or translucent effect.

I think with a good magnifying glass it will show the signature to be R. Lalique. The budgies will be lovebirds which are often found on these clocks.

I have sold several of these over the years and have managed to find an image which should be similar to your clock. This model is known as “The Inseparables”.

The good news is that if all of this is correct your clock could be worth over £1200.


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