Raise a Reader is a one to one tutoring programme designed to assist children who may be struggling with literacy and numeracy. This may be due to dyslexia or other special educational needs, or maybe you are just concerned with your child’s progress.
The business was set up by Christine Laurie, who after working in the education sector for 20 years feels passionate about helping children become confident, independent learners. Christine initially worked as a Special Needs Assistant in a mainstream primary school where she discovered that many children were struggling to read and she has been studying ever since! Christine is qualified as a Specialist Practitioner in Children with Specific Learning Difficulties, she has a PGCE in Additional Needs and Dyslexia and a CPT3A qualification in assessment. She is also on the register of Qualified Users of the British Psychological Society.
This raft of qualifications along with her vast hands-on experience mean that Raise a Reader is the ideal choice when it comes to finding a tutor to assist with your child’s literacy and numeracy difficulties. The one to one sessions are tailored to meet individual needs, with the first consultation being used for assessment and fact finding to discover your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Christine is then able to put together a 10 week learning plan for your child. The programme can either be delivered in-house in Horsforth or at your own home, whichever is convenient for you. It is a multi-sensory, sequential and cumulative programme using techniques developed by two highly regarded professors in this field. Parents are consulted and informed with everything so that they remain involved with their child’s learning. Raise a Reader also provide assessment and reports for access arrangements.
There are many factors that can affect children’s ability to become literate and numerate. Of course dyslexia is the most well-known learning difficulty to affect reading and writing but Christine points out that speech, language and communication problems also have a profound effect on becoming literate. She was shocked to read that up to 50% of children entering school have speech, language and communication problems. Children who lack certain skills such as phonological awareness are already at a disadvantage, as these are vital pre-reading skills.
Struggling with reading, writing and numeracy can have an effect on a child’s self-esteem and confidence. Raise a Reader aims to combat that through effective support and tutoring, setting your child on the right path to become an independent learner.
Raise a Reader is appropriate for ages 3 +, both early years/primary and high school.
For more information, or to discuss how Christine can help your child contact her on;
Tel: 07753 408592
Or visit the website www.raiseareader.co.uk or Facebook: raise a reader Leeds


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