Ryan Swain from Yorkshire is making waves around the UK as a television and radio presenter, entertainer and DJ. 2018 was a huge year for the 28-year-old from Malton with a list of accolades and awards under his belt as well as a whopping 100 live sold-out shows across the country, in addition to his regular radio appearances on popular stations such as Minster FM, Capital FM and Kiss FM.

Ryan saw last year out with a bang, seeing off huge competition in the likes of Sir Lenny Henry to win the People’s Choice Award 2018. He was also awarded The Yorkshire Gig Guide Outstanding Individual and filmed a Bollywood music video in his home town of Malton.

This year promises to be even bigger with a nomination for the Yorkshire Media Personality of the Year and TV Producers interested in Ryan appearing on popular shows such as Come Dine With Me, game shows and even Britain’s Got Talent where he is hoping to showcase his rapping skills! Although Ryan is unable to confirm at this stage his place on the live auditions of the show, he does tell us that “it is looking promising.” He is also taking his own show around the entertainment circuit called Ryan’s Game Show Marathon – his live adaptation of popular game shows.

All this performing takes boundless energy, and Ryan puts it down to the fact that he has ADHD. Ryan was not diagnosed until he reached adulthood and chooses to manage his condition without medication following a serious allergic reaction to a prescribed drug on New Year’s Eve of 2012 which hospitalised him. Ryan’s mum Deborah comments “Ryan’s ADHD has made him the person he is and over the last 5 or 6 years he has fully accepted the positive points along with the negative. He truly believes that acceptance is the biggest part of overcoming anything.”

Ryan also underwent emergency heart surgery at Killingbeck Hospital when he was just four years old, being one of the first patients to have keyhole surgery to repair a hole in the heart. His battle with both physical and mental conditions has made him seize everything life has to offer. He often puts his talents to great use raising money for a wide range of charities wherever he can.

The future certainly seems bright for this down to earth Yorkshire man and we cannot wait to see what he achieves next!


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