This book is incredible- it’s fast paced and exceptionally thrilling! Following Amy on her dangerous voyage across the Mediterranean Sea and various other locations was so much fun. 

Treachery lurks around the corner when her father’s luxury yacht is boarded by pirates who see her as nothing more than a bargaining piece in their struggle for money. But what about Farouz, could Amy really be falling for one of the men holding her hostage?


It was fantastic to build up a picture of Amy’s character and past in my mind. As the book progresses we begin to learn more about her relationship with her parents and stepmother. These are pieces of the puzzle fitting together until we are left with Nick lake’s creation; one of the most relatable and lifelike characters I have ever come across. Her feelings towards other characters seem genuine and I loved to read about her interactions with them. Every character in this book was sensational and I liked the way that Lake portrayed the pirate’s hostility towards their hostages, not least of all Amy.

I took my time reading this book as it was so good I did not want to miss anything. From start to finish, I was hooked and could not wait for my next opportunity to sit down and enjoy this fantastic novel! I was amazed by how real the story felt to me, it was so well written that I felt like I was reading a true story. I think this was what I enjoyed most about this novel- its down to earth tone.

I don’t think there is anyone who would not enjoy this book as it is really enjoyable and suitable for teenagers onwards. Some people will enjoy watching Farouz and Amy’s relationship develop while others will be captivated by the notion of being held hostage by armed pirates. Whatever you are looking for in a book I can guarantee that this novel will keep you interested and rooting for Amy all the way. I can not urge you enough to pick up a copy of this thrilling, exhilarating, read- perfect for a summer holiday! 

Book review by Elliot Johnston Coates



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