There are many good reasons why owning a pet can improve health and well-being but dog owners may be top of the league when it comes to heart health. If you own a pooch you’re likely to be benefiting from lower blood pressure, higher levels of physical activity, lower stress levels and ultimately a longer life.

Make your four legged friend your heart’s best friend. With only a chewed up pair of slippers to lose and so much to gain, here are some of our top dog walking tips to keep you streets ahead of heart disease.


Kick start your day by pounding the streets with your canine companion. A brisk walk of 15 minutes every morning will put you in a positive mind-set for the day ahead and help take the pressure off your heart.


Unlike a friend or colleague, man’s best friend won’t moan about the weather, cancel on you or slacken off the pace, so let them take the lead. Make them your running or cycling buddy.


Keep that tail wagging and your heart pounding towards a healthier you by outrunning your dog’s pace or playing games like Frisbee and tug of war.


Connecting with people and giving your time to help others could keep your mind and body healthy and happy. If you don’t own a four-legged friend, why not look for volunteer opportunities in your area.

Whether it’s your own, a neighbour’s, or a new found foster buddy, if you have a four legged friend at your heels, make sure you pound the streets come rain or shine, grabbing the lead to a healthy heart.


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