Hello readers and welcome to my monthly article. I hope the weather is starting to warm up now we are officially in summer. This month I am going to be reviewing some gorgeous scents perfect for the summer season which complement those floaty summer dresses! The fragrances I am talking about are called The Library of Fragrance. Read on to find out more….
The Library of Fragrance sell a range of pick-me-up cologne sprays, but what makes them a little different is that they are designed for you to layer individual fragrances together to create your own unique scent. I think they are perfect for this time of year as you can choose summery fragrances which echo the gorgeous aromas of the outdoors in summer.
The Library of Fragrance don’t just do standard florally scents – there are some more unusual ones for you to try including cut grass, rain and even Play Doh! The company try to create fragrances that surround us in everyday life but are often not noticed enough as we are running around busy! There are 300 different scents altogether with 101 of them available in the UK.
I tried three different scents; cherry blossom, fresh laundry and daisy. All three smell absolutely gorgeous and I have received lots of compliments when I am wearing them. You can wear each one on its own as you would a normal perfume or as I said before, layer them up. My favourite combination out of the three I have is to start with Fresh Laundry and then layer Daisy on top. I also love Fresh Laundry and Cherry Blossom together too.
These unique perfumes are really affordable at £15 each so it is easy to pick a different one up occasionally and build a good collection of them. The vast range of scents available means you can build a collection to suit all seasons, for example choose more ‘spicy’ ones for Christmas time!
The Library of Fragrance perfumes are available online at
www.libraryoffragrance.com and a selection of the favourites are sold exclusively in Boots stores.
I think they are fantastic and will certainly be trying out some different ones as I build up my own collection!


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