It’s really good to be back doing this column and we hope you will all continue to read and support this newspaper. We have been working hard throughout the Pandemic holding all our auctions online and achieving some record prices for jewellery, coins, artwork and collectables. Please keep sending in your treasures for me to value!

Hi Gary,

I have a metal pocket watch. It has a case on the outside of it as well as the inside.

It does not have any hall marks but has been in the family for a long time

Any information will be useful

Thank you, Derek

Dear Derek,

Your image shows a typical pair cased pocket watch. This is from the 18th century so it is very old.

I cannot see the movement, but it may have a signature which could affect the value.

It could have been made in London.

I would estimate this at £500-800 subject to its working condition and the manufacturer.

Hello Gary,

I have a Shire horse grey with a blond braid down its neck. It is marked Beswick in a circle underneath.

We inherited it. Sorry no image.

Any idea of value?

Thank you,


Dear Frank,

I have managed to find an image which I think is similar to your horse.

Beswick horses have lost their popularity recently, which reflects in the value. A few years ago you may have been looking towards £100 for a horse like this, but another auctioneer sold this horse for £30 recently. It is important that the piece is perfect for collectors. Check the ears as this is where damage is usually found.


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