Hello readers and welcome to my monthly article. This month I am writing an ‘eggcellent’ review for the run up to Easter! I had the very difficult job of reviewing Easter Eggs and treats, but have managed to come up with some ‘cracking’ suggestions for all ages and budgets! Read on to find out more…


White Chocolate Bella
the Bunny £3.50

This adorable bunny is ideal for children with its novelty design. The fact that it is creamy white chocolate also makes it perfect for younger children.

Milk Chocolate Cheeky
Monkey £3.50

A cute chocolate monkey similar to the previous egg. Better for the children who prefer a really smooth tasting milk chocolate.


Hand Decorated Belgian Milk Chocolate Easter Egg £4

This sleek, expensive looking egg would be a wonderful egg for adults with the rich Belgian chocolate taste.

Sparkles the Milk Chocolate Unicorn £4

I can see this fun shaped egg being very popular with the little ones due to its eye-catching design, and a bargain price too!


Handmade Milk and White Belgian Chocolate Coconut Egg £15

This egg looks just like a coconut and has a surprise packet of mini chocolate eggs inside. The quirky design is great for someone looking for an egg with a difference!


Hopalot £7

This chocolate bunny has all the flavour you expect from Thorntons and is cute too. It is a great one for the kids.

Egg £10

This egg comes with mini chocolates from their delicious continental range. This Easter egg was very swish, a good one for adults.

Marvellously Magnificent Milk Chocolate Egg £25

This ginormous egg is a real show stopper for all ages and can come with your name iced on to make it extra special!


Happy Easter collection
Easter Hamper £35

This ultimate set is a real family hamper perfect for sharing! It includes the luxury Caught On The Hop Slab, Egglet H-Box, Caramel City Bunny Selector, Salted Caramel Puddles and Egg and Soldiers. The high cocoa content in Hotel Chocolat products really comes through in every mouthful!


Aldi Specially Selected Exquisite Egg with Marc de Champagne Truffle £7.99

This egg is very pleasing to adults with its gold coloured champagne flavour truffle attached to the front! A luxury taste without the price tag!

Dairyfine Curious Inventions Popping Candy Easter Egg £2.99

This egg is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth! Eye-catchingly decorated on the front with smarties and jelly beans to create a flavour explosion with every bite.


Pokemon Phone Case with a Milk Chocolate Egg £4

Available from many retailers including B&M and Poundstretcher:

Perfect for children this simple but scrummy egg will attract many with its Pokemon design phone case.


Chick ‘n’ mix

This is a great selection of Easter themed juicy sweets and squishy marshmallows from Haribo, a perfect alternative for those of you who don’t like chocolate, all presented in a cute hatching chick shaped box.


Milk Chocolate
Ridged Egg

This huge masterpiece will impress anyone with its gold silver and bronze colours! I feel like the style of this will be more appreciated by adults, the chocolate was really thick and decadent.

Laid Back Lamb £15

This cute little lamb has a clever design to amuse children and is made up of white and milk chocolate which is delicious but not too rich for little tummies!

Speckled Egg Surprise £8

This egg is perfect for those who love mini eggs as this egg has a bag of them inside! The crunchy shells surround creamy milk chocolate.

These are all my recommendations for this year and I hope it helps you find the perfect egg for your loved ones!


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