Following the estimates of the number of deaths in UK local authorities that can be attributed to long term exposure to particle air pollution being published by Public Health England, Dr Ian Cameron, Leeds City Council Director of Public Health, said.

“I highlighted the importance of reducing air pollution in my most recent annual report and we know improving air quality by reducing traffic pollution will contribute to an increase in healthy length of life. It will also help reduce the differences between communities in how long people can expect to live and how long they can expect to remain healthy.

“Leeds City Council is continuing to work to improve air quality alongside other West Yorkshire local authorities so we can address the issue on a regional basis. We have also made central government aware of our views on aspects of air quality beyond the control of local government.

“Locally, the council is taking action in a number of areas to reduce pollution. For example, we are trialling less polluting vehicles such as refuse vehicles that run on biomethane gas and electric vehicles. Leeds City Council is also testing hybrids where electricity is a major energy source or which re-use power recovered in braking. And we are working with other councils on the ‘city connect’ scheme promoting bike and foot travel rather than car, with obvious benefits in terms of traffic pollution and increased physical activity.”


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