Hello readers and a warm welcome to my monthly review. Each month I review a place or toy and decide whether it would satisfy the younger generation, so you know if it’s somewhere you would like to take your child, or if something would be a good gift to purchase for your little one.

This month I am back to review a place which, in my opinion is an inexpensive option for an afternoon out and superb for everyone. It is Cottage Road Cinema in Headingley. This is an old fashioned cinema with a taste of how the cinemas used to be. Cottage Road Cinema is totally unique from your normal cinema. As you step inside, you get a really good vibe of what type of cinema your grandma and granddad went to.

In the foyer there is a ticket booth where you purchase tickets. The prices are really reasonable – for a matinee show it was £6.00 for adults and £4.00 for children. I found this to me much cheaper than the bigger cinema chains we normally go to. The booth is all made of wood panels and glass, very old fashioned looking, and we were served by very polite and friendly staff. At the rear of the foyer there is the food stall where you can buy popcorn, sweets and drinks again at excellent prices. A small popcorn was only £1.25 which I believe is only around a third of the price compared to the chain cinemas. After getting my ticket and popcorn I was excited to go watch the movie which was The Lego Movie.

From the foyer you head up the stairs to the actual cinema bit. You enter right at the top and back of the cinema, and you can choose whether to sit up there or lower down at the front. I personally chose to sit in the upper part. The seats were comfortable and the cinema was bigger than I was expecting. I noticed there is a piano in front of the screen. My mum told me that cinemas used to have a piano player for when the movies were silent. After the adverts a member of staff came through selling the finest tasting ice-creams and lollies before the actual film started. I chose a pot of honeycomb ice-cream which was delicious. I thought this was a really good idea, and mum told me that cinemas used to do this all the time.
The film and the cinema were amazing. Overall, this cinema is as good as any other cinema but much cheaper. You have to check what they are showing, as they only show a couple of films at a time but this place is well worth a visit. I recommend the film too but I’m not telling you anything about it so I don’t spoil it for you all!
By Selina aged 10


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