The star ot this months profile is a Chihuahua named Ruby.

COAT: Chihuahuas are either long or short coated as genetically, they are the same breed. They need regular but minimal grooming. Their colours vary from solid blacks, browns, reds, creams, whites to a mixture of all these colours.

HEIGHT: Ideally, Chihuahaus are 6” to 9” tall at the shoulder. Smaller, can have health problems.  However , many are slightly larger.


WEIGHT: 3 lbs to 6 lbs (male and female).

LIFESPAN: An amazing 15 − 20yrs

TEMPERAMENT: A petite pet with big ears and eyes which has massive confidence. This pint-sized breed bonds very closely to its owners and can be cautious with new acquaintences. It can have an intense devotion to one person. As with all dogs, early socialising is essential as this little package can be very protective of its owners. They do have a high sensitivity level and do not like to be left alone, or belong to a chaotic, loud household. Generally they are not suited to a home with very young children. They are usually courageous and may think they are a Rottweiler, but this is usually ineffective! On the other hand, some are very timid indeed. Its human guardians can also affect the temperament of the Chihuahua! A fascinating little devoted dog, lively and alert with diverse temperaments, they prefer to live with other dogs of the same breed and are also known to bond well with cats. They love exercise as in ‘short’ walks.

CLASS: Toy / Companion

HEALTH: There are always some genetic health problems with all dog breeds, but areas needing particular care for the Chihuahua are; 1) Good nutrition as they have very small stomachs, can be picky eaters, and overfeeding will cause a host of problems. 2) Like other dogs with protruding eyes, they are prone to eye infection / injuries. As they are low to the ground, they are susceptible to dust and airborne allergens. Daily wipes should keep them clean or use a mild saline solution. 3) They are notorious for dental issue problems due to their small mouths. Food gets trapped between teeth very easily. 4) This is the only breed of dog to be born with a molera, soft spot on their skull (just like human babies). Great care must be taken up to at least 6 months of age to avoid injury. These usually close with age but not always.

HISTORY: The Chihuahua is named after a State in Mexico where it is thought to originate from since the 9th century A.D. and maybe even earlier. This is based on legends, artwork and artifacts found in archeological excavations A common theory is that the Chihuahua  descended from the Techich, a small dog believed to have been domesticated by either the Toltecs( 900 A.D.) or, the Mayans (1800 B.C – 900 A.D. ). The Techich was sturdier and more heavily boned, but the modern Chihuahua was not always as small as it is today, following selective breeding in the 1900’s. Even today, some Chihuahua are born much bigger than standard and it is possible that a dormant gene has not been bred out. Many other theories remain but none proven.

Viewpoint of Ruby’s owner, Yvonne.

Wanting a companion for her black Shihtsu, Daffy,…….. Yvonne has always found the Chihuahua appealing.

From the minute she saw Ruby 2 yrs ago, as a tiny puppy, Yvonne knew that they would love each other.

She called Ruby ‘her little deer’ because she looked like a fawn. She is  a very entertaining little girl, cheeky, funny and loving.She holds her head from side to side when spoken to as though she is taking in every word.

 Ruby and Daffy are great friends and play fight, enjoying themselves.  She is very alert and loves looking out of the window at cars, people, anything and everything is interesting  to her.

 Sometimes, when she is sat at the other end of the sofa to Yvonne, Ruby shakes her little bottom to coax Yvonne to chase her!!!

Ruby is very sociable with people and other dogs and enjoys her walks, along with Daffy.

 Yvonne feels very lucky that this little Mexican fire-cracker has such a lovely temperament and can’t possibly imagine being without her as part of the family. She is especially glad that the Chihuahua breed has such wonderful longevity as Yvonne says that they can grow old together!!



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