Bognor and other Regises, an entertaining, unconventional and fast-paced tour of Britain, looking at the weird and wonderful places that have been connected to royalty over the last 1,500 years.

Written by Caroline Taggart, the bestselling author of Around Britain by Cake, Bognor and Other Regises took Caroline on a rumbustious, regal pilgrimage all over Britain, including some of Yorkshire’s fascinating historical sights. From the establishment of Richmond Castle following the Norman invasion, to Henry VIII’s residence at the King’s Manor in York, to the historically important fortresses of Pontefract Castle and Sandal Castle, Caroline weaves in and out of Yorkshire on a journey that takes her all over the UK. Her journey paves the way for a delightfully quirky historical adventure around Britain, showing how the stories of our monarchs are written across our landscape.

Whether glamorous or sordid, merrie or morose, our monarchs and their families have led lives very different from ours – and all too often they’ve held the Fate of the Nation in the palms of their hands. They’ve married for diplomatic reasons and created diplomatic incidents when they divorced. They’ve borne a dozen children and still left no one to succeed them. They’ve got themselves excommunicated and created their own religions. They’ve waged war against their neighbours and their cousins; built frivolous summer palaces and formidable fortresses. In so doing, they’ve left their mark all over Great Britain, in castles and churches, on battlefields and stained-glass windows. Their stories are written all across our landscape, if we know where to look for them.

Discover the chocolate kitchens at Hampton court built to serve Williams III and Mary II’s levees; why the anniversary of the death of Katherine of Aragon is celebrated in Peterborough every January and the 20 varieties of thyme that Prince Charles grows at Highgrove. In this amusing and fast-paced tour of Britain, Caroline Taggart is our guide to all the weird and wonderful places connected with royalty over the last 1,500 years.

‘Bognor and other Regises’ is available now;

Published by AA Publishing, priced £14.99 -Hardback 

The Yorkshire Reporter has a copy of the book to giveaway, to enter go to the competition page


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