Christmas is finally upon us and if you haven’t started your shopping yet – now is a good time!

The question is ‘what do we buy that we know they will like?’ 

Here are my Top Tips for buying the perfect jewellery gift this Christmas:

Symbolism – Buy something that marks an event, moment or interest. The link between the piece you buy and the thought that has gone into it will mean everything to your loved one and they will enjoy wearing it so much more. A piece of colourful jewellery if they have a colourful character or for example a gold cross if they are religious and follow the Christian faith.

Follow their Birthstone – Turquoise is the birthstone for December however every month has a precious gemstone linked to it. All our shops have a birthstone calendar and we have pieces that match every occasion. April is Diamond; Opal is October so as long as you know their birthday you can show that you have really thought about something that will mean so much to them. 

Tell a story with your gift – If you buy a piece of diamond jewellery you can show that they are the most precious person in your life and shine brightly or are very precious to you. A stunning dress ring for someone that is your ‘right hand’ in life and they will look at this and always think of you.

For relationships that have stood the test of time –  There is always the opportunity to invest in a luxury watch such as a Rolex, Omega or Cartier. These are both amazingly generous and practical presents that will last for ever and probably even increase in value over time.

Our teams are trained to help you find that perfect gift and we make it so much easier than buying a gift online so call in and discuss your thoughts and they will be able to give a selection of ideas that will fit any taste and budget.

Christmas Manager’s Specials
Diamond & Gold Jewellery

Despite the increase in gold and diamond value, our prices remain unchanged. You will not beat the value of buying a pre-owned piece of jewellery this season and we have some stunning pieces to choose from. All our preowned jewellery is renovated and refurbished so it stands the test of time and is literally as good as new but without the price tag so get in early and see the bargains we have on offer. 

We also offer an enormous range of stunning new diamond and gold jewellery from eternity rings to coloured stones and bracelets to beautiful pendants and earrings that will make anybody’s Christmas. 

If you want a piece specially commissioned or wish to turn an old piece of jewellery into something new then our re-modelling service is right for you. You can keep the emotional importance of an inherited or unworn piece alive forever when you make it into something you will really wear and love. Call in today and let our team help you to design your dream jewellery.

Outstanding Value Luxury Watches 

ROLEX, Cartier, Omega and Breitling are our speciality and we have new ranges in daily. If you can’t see what you want in the window, call in and ask as all the shops have access to a huge selection of pieces across the business and they will get it in for you to view.

Whatever you wish for this Christmas, buy it from Brown & Gold at Seacroft or Batley or visit Christopher Brown Jewellers at Shipley, Pontefract or York and make your Christmas Special.


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