Our debts begin to reach their highest levels and the pressure to book somewhere hot to escape the wet and the cold is mounting beyond breaking point.

How do you afford all this or find the money to pay the household bills that arrive like a regimented army on your doorstep?

You can use your gold, diamonds or watches to borrow money and prioritise the important bills or pay the holiday deposit and manage your finances your own way.

That’s the beauty of a pawnbroking loan. You secure the loan against your own assets so you can’t borrow more than you can afford. You choose how much you want to pay back and when you want to pay it, over the course of the loan, so as long as you have paid back the interest and original loan value by the end of the 7 months, then you get to redeem your goods. If you can’t afford the whole lot by the end of the term you can just pay the interest and extend the loan for a further 7 months. If you can’t afford any repayments then you leave the goods behind and the debt is settled without any further repercussions – it really is that simple!

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Chris Brown


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