Dear Gary
I wonder if you could look at my collection of dolls and miniature items in my cabinet.
Thank you,
Dear Helen,
These pin cushion dolls would have originally been attached to a pin cushion and are quite collectable in today’s market. The ordinary ones sell for a few pounds each, but the rarer ones can fetch between £40-120 each. You have some very interesting items in the cabinet. I love the googly eye dolls in the corner. You also have some miniature oriental vases. It is not easy to value everything from your photograph as I can’t see the condition of each one, but as a guide price I feel confident in saying you have in excess of  £1000 in value, and possibly more subject to viewing. What a lovely collection!
Hi Gary
I have a bronze figure which I’m told is from India and is Krishna?  It has no marking on it at all. There is a hole either side of his neck as if something could be threaded through? It weighs 262 grams and is just over 3″ tall.
Any information you could give me would be appreciated.
Regards, Christine
Hi Christine,
This is a figure of Baby Krishna holding a butter bowl. This type of figure has been made in the same image for hundreds of years and is still made today.
It is difficult to tell its age from the image. I have seen modern ones sell at under £50, 18/19th century ones at £200+ and of course very old antique ones can sell for £1000’s. The earlier ones tend to have a lovely brown bronze patina. Yours appears to have a darker and less golden colour.
Many of these were brought from India by tourists and soldiers stationed out there. I hope this information and clues help you discover its history and age.
Dear Gary,
I have three paintings which we bought from a shop in Devon, we were unsure whether they’re copies or not or whether they’re worth anything, we don’t live in Devon therefore we bought them when we were down their visiting for a holiday.
One is called ‘their favourite pets’ by George Hillyard Swimstead, 1860-1926
The other is ‘the white kitten’ by Arthur Elsley
And the other is ‘River scene’

If only your pictures were the originals, they would be worth in excess of a million pounds!
They are sadly prints of paintings done by very well-known artists.
The original paintings have been reproduced thousands of times and many were sold in the 1970’s – 90’s as they were very popular subjects then. Unfortunately prints are not worth a great deal.
Still even though these aren’t the originals, they are still wonderful scenes to look at and enjoy.
Dear Gary,
I wonder if you could tell me about this figure, someone said it could be Lalique. Any idea of its value?
Thanks, David
Dear David,
Your figure is not by Lalique but another French glass maker called Sabino. It is made of opalescent glass which allows light to flow through it making beautiful changing colours as you look through it.
The figure was made in the 1920’s and is named “L’Idole”.  The firm in Paris was founded by Marius-Ernest Sabino and was noted for its Art Deco lamps, vases, figurines and animals in clear, coloured and opalescent glass.
I would expect your figure to be worth between £1200 – 1500.

You may be sat on a treasure trove! It is often the items that you think are worthless that can turn out to be the most valuable. Not sure?
Then send an email to
I will answer everyone.
Look forward to valuing for you.


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