How would you like your dog to be a hero and help other dogs less fortunate than themselves?

Their chance is here, with the Agria Dog Walk!

On Saturday 25 May 2019, the Agria Dog Walk will take place simultaneously in locations across Europe, with dogs (with their humans) coming together to raise money for the rescue that’s local to them. And luckily for us, along with walks in Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Hermes (France) and Edinburgh, thanks to Linbee Dog Rehoming, there’s a walk at Pugney’s Water Park, Wakefield!

For every single dog that takes part in the Linbee Agria Dog Walk, Agria Pet Insurance will donate £5. Every penny raised will go directly to the rescue, so the more paws that join in the better!

Linda from Linbee says, “We strongly believe that every dog deserves a chance. Our main aim is to provide a safe haven for dogs that are at high risk of being put to sleep and find them forever homes. Every dog is treated with love and respect, and their welfare is our priority. Since we began in 2014 we have successfully rescued and rehomed over 480 dogs, each bringing joy and creating happy memories for their new families.

“Taking part in the Agria Dog Walk is really exciting. All the money we raise will help us with vet bills and ultimately help us save more dogs. We’re really looking forward to the day and hope lots of dogs and their walkers will be able to join us and help us make it a great success!”

As well as raising as much money as possible, the Agria Dog Walk reminds us of the mutual positive impact dogs and owners have on one another – in particular, by getting out into the fresh air and walking together. From tackling dog and human obesity to the significant mental health benefits gained by exercising with your four legged-friend, the evidence is there – dogs change our lives for the better, and we have a responsibility to help those that need it.

Linbee sees many instances of the transformative effects dog adoption has on both the dog and the new owner. From easing loneliness and providing a purpose, to having fun together and keeping fit – the benefits can be significant. In fact, one of their adopters has found that her new family member has given her much more than she had anticipated. The ex-racing Greyhound has taken his new role as best friend much further – being by his adopter’s side to help her cope with a borderline personality disorder.

“He’s completely changed my life, meaning I can now get out and about as he comes with me everywhere. He has the greatest understanding and empathy, and just wants to help. He is my real-life super-hero!”

Carolyn Menteith, Agria Behaviourist and Trainer, says, “A walk is a wonderful break in the day for your dog – and for many of us, it is often the only time in our crazy lives where we can focus 100% on them, so it’s the time when we have the potential to build the bond between us.

“It’s not just about exercise though… It’s important to know your dog and give them the right kind of exercise for their breed and type – and knowing what they love to do the most. For some breeds and individuals this can be playing ball games or games of hide and seek. For others it may be practising training exercises or following a scent – while others will enjoy long country hikes – whatever the weather!

“Every dog is different in what they enjoy but the important thing is that a dog walk is something you do together, interactively. This is one of the joys a dog walk – it is the time you can focus totally on being together – no distractions, no phones or work – just the two of you.”

The most recent study to report obesity in pet dogs in the UK found 59% per cent of dogs were classified as overweight or obese. Like humans, exercise can help significantly to get any excess weight off and stay in good shape.

Robin Hargreaves, former British Veterinary Association President and Vet Panel Lead at Agria, says, “Life can be much more painful for dogs that are obese, especially as they age, and obesity in dogs – as in humans – can trigger or exacerbate conditions such as osteoarthritis and diabetes. Appropriate food and exercise are critical to avoiding and reducing obesity in dogs.

“It’s so much more fun to exercise together with your dog – and the fitter you both are the more enjoyment you can both get from being out and about together in the great outdoors. You’ll never have a more enthusiastic exercise partner – make the most of having them there to motivate you!”

It’s easy to register for the Linbee Agria Dog Walk! Simply visit and find the link to the Linbee registration page, together with details of where and what time the walk is.

If you can’t make the walk or don’t have a dog, you can still help Linbee to continue to do their incredible work by donating – the link to do this is on the same page.


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