Dear Readers,

We are delighted to be back in business and hope you are all keeping well.

What a time it has been for the Auction business! Like many others, we had to close down during the lockdown, but it has given us plenty of time for a rethink on how to go forward. We are now completely changing our way of selling and all auctions now will be offered online via the largest online platform for auctioneering antiques and collectables. This means we can reach a greater number of buyers worldwide and be able to contact all the specialist collectors wherever they may be.

We held our first auction after lockdown at the end of July and it was a great success. The marketplace is vibrant at the moment as people are losing faith in stocks and shares and are looking for other investments.

Interest has increased dramatically in gold and silver items, jewellery and watches, sovereigns, coins and stamps, paintings and artwork, vinyl records, good hifi, toys, medals and militaria and other unusual collectibles. We were delighted to achieve several world record prices with the coins and artwork, including signed prints by Lowry and Hockney. All the silver and gold items sold for substantially more than their scrap value. Sovereigns were fetching the highest prices ever, especially those in good condition and with rare dates. 

From next issue, we will be valuing your items as usual so please send in your photos and requests and we look forward to finding some treasures for you!

We are looking for quality items to enter into our upcoming international auctions.

If you have any items you would like to enter, please phone Gary or Liz Don directly on 07723 319730.


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